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  • Biochar: Utility, Scale, Economy

    Biochar: Utility, Scale, Economy New methods of carbon sequestering are taking the limelight as a weapon against global warming. In this presentation, Jon Saunders will provide us with some valuable insight into something called Biochar as a method of carbon sequestration. The details and economic viability of Biochar will be covered. Read More
  • A Look At Energy Storage

    A Look At Energy Storage Energy storage is becoming a giant enabler for improved distributed grid, automotive, and device applications. This week we will explore a few aspects of what is going on in this area. Please join us for an interesting interactive session! Read More
  • How To Make Your Green Invention Take Flight In The Open Market

    How To Make Your Green Invention Take Flight In The Open Market Figuring out how to get a green product to market can be a complex journey. Join us for an interesting journey to investigate some of the things you can do to make it happen. Beverly Turner will lead the audience through an interactive exploration of some of the processes and infrastructure you can take advantage of. Read More
  • Water Fluoridation - a good idea?

    Water Fluoridation - a good idea? Fluoridation has long been accepted by many as a good method of providing tooth decay protection in a consistent easily managed manner. But, is it really such a good thing after all these years? In her presentation, Mei-Ling will guide you through the thinking that led to this almost blindly accepted ritual and present to you some interesting facts which may change the way you think about this common practice. Read More
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    Silicon Valley - Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability Read More
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    Energy efficiency does not have to be complicated Read More
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    Networking opportunities for people in transition Read More
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    Providing cleantech opportunities in business Read More
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