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  • Internet Of Things - Or Internet Of Threats?

    Internet Of Things - Or Internet Of Threats? Smart homes, smart cities, smart cars - Everything we interact with is getting smarter with the supposed goal of making our lives easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling this new interconnected intelligence. Along with it comes more opportunities for hacking, hijacking, theft, physical harm, and many more hazards. Join us for this very interesting presentation by Alex Mednick. He will explore the technology behind IoT, and various hazards, and what is being done to help minimize the negatives. Read More
  • Soil Carbon - Soil Health

    Soil Carbon - Soil Health Soil - We walk on it, we grow crops in it, our kids play in it, it is everywhere. It must be pretty important. In this presentation, Elizabeth Guimarin will provide us with a look into just how important our soil is. In particular, the process of carbon sequestration will be looked at and what this mean to keeping our environment in good shape. Please join us for this very interesting and informative presentation! Read More
  • The EGG 2016 Mid-Year Review And Morning Potluck!

    The EGG 2016 Mid-Year Review And Morning Potluck! We are having a potluck! Come and enjoy the festivities and participate in our 2016 Mid-Year Review. We will step back and take a look at all the things we have accomplished for the first half of the year. After all the clapping is done, we will have an open discussion about things we would like to accomplish for the second half of the year. This is a great opportunity for members to help forge a path for the organization. Please bring your favorite edibles or drinks to enjoy! Read More
  • Repair Café And The Fixer Movement

    Repair Café And The Fixer Movement Is your microwave sleeping rather than cooking? Is your computer in permanent reset mode? Is your bike not rolling smoothly? Wait! Don't throw it away!....Bring it to Repair Café and collaborate with brilliant minded folks who will help you get your prized possession working again. And then you can walk away knowing that you have part of a growing movement reducing what gets thrown into our landfill. Join us in this informative and interesting presentation by Maia Coladonato. Read More
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Our Partners

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    Silicon Valley - Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability Read More
  • Simple Home Energy +

    Energy efficiency does not have to be complicated Read More
  • CSix Connect +

    Networking opportunities for people in transition Read More
  • Cleantech Open +

    Providing cleantech opportunities in business Read More
  • eve - Electric Vehicle Entrepreneurs +

    Bringing eve owners together Read More
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