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  • 2016 EGG Holiday Party & Potluck

    2016 EGG Holiday Party & Potluck We will be having our last meeting of 2016 on Dec 15, 2016. We have worked hard all year and now we want to relax, and have a good time and reap the benefits of our labor! What a better way to do this than to have a party and a potluck. Bring some food or drink and come celebrate and have fun with us. If there is something green (an idea, a product, or something creative) you want to share with us, bring it too! Read More
  • The Next Step

    The Next Step There is alot of talk going on about what is wrong with our un-green way of living; but not quite as much action going on to do something about it. Does that sound like you? Well, join us on December 08, 2016, when Debra Kiefel is going to address this situation; providing background information and helping us to look into ways to kickstart actions that will get us all going in the right direction. Read More
  • Healing Light

    Healing Light Join us for our December 01, 2016 meeting! Mei-Ling Shek will provide us with information on the benefits of light in the healing process. Many athletes use this technology and its ability to deal with arthritis and other painful health issues is becoming more mainstream. We will view a video and join a webinar on the topic. Read More
  • Ecosystem Services And Natural Capital - Part 2

    Ecosystem Services And Natural Capital - Part 2 We will dig deeper into the topic of ecosystems and natural capital. We will watch a video, engage in some discussion about urban development and trees, and take away some valuable information to think about over our Thanksgiving holiday. A healthy urban forest is essential to a healthy urban environment. The use of a tree benefit calculator will also be explored. Join us on November 17th for this great talk! Read More
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Our Partners

  • SVTAGS +

    Silicon Valley - Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability Read More
  • Simple Home Energy +

    Energy efficiency does not have to be complicated Read More
  • CSix Connect +

    Networking opportunities for people in transition Read More
  • Cleantech Open +

    Providing cleantech opportunities in business Read More
  • eve - Electric Vehicle Entrepreneurs +

    Bringing eve owners together Read More
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