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  • Magnetic Levitation

    Magnetic Levitation We think it's going to happen sooner than later; Mag Lev trains delivering people and goods very quickly to their destinations. It's a fascinating technology that already has adoption in Japan, China, and several other countries. In todays presentation, Mark Hoff will provide us with insight into how Magnetic Levitation works, what the current status is on bringing it into the mainstream, non-transportation uses of Mag Lev, and what the future holds. We will view some videos, listen to a presentation, and have some good discussion. Join us for this interesting event![Image by Antonín Ryska (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons] Read More
  • Hyperloop: The Reality

    Hyperloop: The Reality Do you like going fast? San Francisco to Los Angeles in about an hour....How does that sound? Hold on to your hats. We are almost on the brink of witnessing a unique, born in the USA method of transportation that will fulfill the desires of both business and recreational travelers. It's called Hyperloop; one of Elon Musk's pet projects. In our March 16, 2017 EGG meeting, Mark Hoff will provide interesting info on how Hyperloop works, what's the status of the project, what the goals are and a bunch of other fun stuff. Please join us! - Image by Camilo Sanchez (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Read More
  • The Power Of Direct Current: A New Energy Paradigm

    The Power Of Direct Current: A New Energy Paradigm Do you know that our electrical power infrastructure almost got designed using DC (Direct Current) rather than AC (Alternating Current)? There were definitely pros and cons and it appears the pros won out. Today, there is talk about the merits of switching over to DC. There is a lot of history behind this and some interesting technical twists and turns. Join us at our March 9, 2017 EGG meeting to learn about what is going on the DC vs AC battle and some possible insight into where it is heading. Read More
  • Videos & Discussion On California's Sustainability And Water Challenges

    Videos & Discussion On California's Sustainability And Water Challenges There are plenty of sustainability and water issues that need to be fixed here in California. The choice is to just take what the legislature gives us as solutions or to drive the solutions from grass roots efforts from the ground up. Join us on March 02, 2017 and be a part of creating solutions that make sense. We will watch some interesting videos and have some roundtable discussion. Read More
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