Human Relations In The Workplace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric Lemons   

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Understanding the role of human relations in the workplace is critical to our personal success and to the long term success of any business. This talk will provide some insight into how we can be more effective and how businesses can improve by paying attention to human relations. Areas to be discussed will include:


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Dealing with Change
  • Continuous Learning
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Handling Conflict and Negotiation


The Magic of the Bioneers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rod Kirk   


Prior to 2012 I did not know of the Bioneers organization; didn’t even know they existed. I came across their website and signed up for their newsletter. After reading and pondering what they had to say, I convinced myself that this was a very interesting and meaningful organization and there was probably more than meets the eye. And was I ever right.


I signed up and attended their 25th Anniversary Bioneers Summit Conference. It was held near the civic center complex in San Rafael, California. It was a nice drive there and I leisurely stopped along the way taking lots of pictures.

The Smart Grid is Getting Smarter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rod Kirk   

Rod Kirk
On October 9, 2014 Rod Kirk presented a talk entitled "The Smart Grid is Getting Smarter".  Work on the Smart Grid is accelerating. Smart Grid 3.0 is taking shape. In this talk Rod explored what Smart Grid 3.0 is all about, the driving forces, and some of the issues that need to be resolved.

GreenTech Media Presents SoftGrid 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gregory Chu   

SoftGrid1For the third year in a row Greentech Media will present a data and analytics conference exclusive to the smart grid. This Year's confeence will be held September 10-11 at the SRI Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.


Massive data sets, real-time analytics and application-specific software platforms are unlocking opportunities for vendors, utilities, third-party service providers and energy consumers.  Explore how to effectively manage, analyze and take action on the data generated by grid networks and intelligent, energy efficient endpoints to enable an energy system of the future.

Free / Low Cost Learning Resources PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mei-Ling Shek   

We have available at our fingertips numerous free or very low cost cleantech educational resources to take advantage of. In this presentation, Mei-Ling covers a sampling of recommended sources. The presentation highlights the following resosurces:


  • Online resources
  • Educational institutions
  • Individual company resources
  • Utilities


Mei-Ling Shek has worked as a consultant and scientist in both academic and industrial startup settings (telecom optoelectronics & low-power solar concentrators). She has a background in surface science, and materials & optics. While looking for ways to make technical contributions in the field of LED lighting, she spends time learning about the many facets of sustainability and apply what she has learned to preserve our environment. Her favorite environmental organization are the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Natural Resources Defense Council. 


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An Electric Bike: Why Not? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Al Sanchez   

Al Sanchez-Chew

Easy to Do. 

Save on Gasoline consumption.  

The same basics as any Electric Vehicle. 

A learning experience/Experiment. 

Relatively inexpensive.  Compared to an EV (car), $300 -1,500. 

SoftGrid 2014 – Grid Data Analytics, Here We Come! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rod Kirk   

Greentech Media organized the SoftGrid 2014 conference in Menlo Park on September 10th and 11th. This conference brought together a diverse collection of companies, organizations, and interested individuals who are working to make the Smart Grid into something that not only benefits the entire energy chain from the utilities to the consumer but also addresses the numerous problems associated with making such a complex system work.  The core topic was how to manage, analyze, and take-action on the massive amounts of data generated within the Smart Grid. Not only does this availability of data present many opportunities but it also presents issues that need to be addressed. I have captured some of the ideas presented at this conference and will summarize some important “take-aways”.
The move to a Smarter Grid brings generates reactions all along the energy chain. A summary of the reactions and industry observations are summarized below.