Is Bitcoin Sustainable?

An Introductory Article By Rod Kirk

pixabay stability 3042271 1920 smNot a day goes by without some news about Bitcoin. Although it has been around for about 8 years, it wasn't until recently that I took the time to really investigate it. This is definitely a currency our grandparents would not feel comfortable with. To be honest, I do not feel comfortable with it. The layers of technology required to implement it and put it to use are quite formidable. By biggest question was "Is Bitcoin really a sustainable money system?" I scoured the internet for inputs, tutorials, and point of views on the subject and found there's alot to drown in. I created an introductory presentation on Bitcoin which is available here.  The jury is still out as far as I am concerned. Take a look at the various references at the end of the presentation and see if you can come to some conclusion about Bitcoin being a sustainable money system or not. 



About The Author

rod kirk pic smallerRod Kirk, a San Francisco Bay area native, has held various Electrical Engineering positions in numerous companies in the areas of data storage, networks, and motion control. He has a degree from San Jose State University and an Energy Management certificate from De Anza College. Rod is currently providing Technical Writing services for emerging companies.

Why Do Some Technologies Improve More Quickly Than Others?

A virtual presentation by Professor Jessika Trancik, published in February 2016. 

Pixabay pv 2698074 640Why do some technologies improve more quickly than others, in terms of performance over time, and the gain in market share over time? As an example, solar photovoltaic energy has undergone unexpectedly  rapid decline in cost and increase in deployment. Is there something identifiable about PV technology that we can apply in evaluating early-stage technologies?  An understanding is important in guiding technology design and investment, especially when we face an urgent need to accelerate and adopt more sustainable technologies and practices.

Jessika Trancik is an Associate Professor of Energy Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research specializes in evaluating the environmental impacts and costs of energy technologies, and setting design targets to help accelerate the development of these technologies. Her work involves collecting and analyzing expansive datasets to develop models and theory. She has studied projects on electricity and transportation, with an emphasis on solar energy conversion and storage technologies. She received her BS in materials science and engineering from Cornell University and her PhD in materials science from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Join us for this interesting session!

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Equifax Security Breach Aftermatch: Rescuing Your Green

A Presentation By Mark Hoff

pixabay map 2277029 1280In the recent Equifax Security breach, information required for identify theft was stolen for over half of the adults in the United States (per the 2013 census). Mark will present overview and technical details of the breach, including video, Equifax documents, and a computer security firm's analysis. We will also discuss what you should do about it. Protect your green by attending this presentation!






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Introduction To The Santa Clara County Green Business Program

A Presentation By Nicole Nguyen & Lisa Rose

Green biz Logo with borderCome learn about great business resources that can benefit your bottom line and the environment!  This presentation will include information about the Santa Clara County Green Business Program, which works to recognize and promote businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way.  You will learn how easy it is to earn certification through small changes that make a big impact. The Green Business Program is free for businesses and our staff will walk you through the process.

Join us for this enlightening presentation!



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Social Media Opportunities For EGG

A Presentation By Rod Kirk

pixabay finger 769300 1920In todays meeting we will go over the various avenues available in Social Media and explore how the EcoGreen Group can utilize them to achieve our goals. We are hoping to get some creative ideas flowing from our members on how we can use these tools.

Join us and participate in the exploration of social media and see if yiou can come up with ideas that can help EGG use these tools.


Presentation Is Available For Download Here



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About - A Shelkie Tao Company

shelkie tao garden smallerIn its fifth year, California is still in a drought.  The Santa Clara Valley Water District requests everyone to reduce water usage by 20%.   As more than 50% of residential water usage is consumed outdoors, letting the green go brown is one of the quickest ways to achieve the 20% target.  However, the new yard does not need to be brown; a garden full of water efficient plants can be as beautiful and enjoyable as a green lawn.

Let me know whether this will work.  Thank you so much!

Shelkie Tao's company,, will help the home or business owner to put in place the water efficient garden that they have been looking for. They can help with the design, plant choice, and answer all maintenance questions necessary to get the garden you need for todays drought and climate impacted environment.   


shelkie tao picShelkie Tao is the founder of, a website that aims to make it easier to design and build water efficient gardens. Before creating the website, Shelkie worked in Product Management in big e-commerce and online payment companies. Shelkie received her MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.




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