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drawdown book cover- What are the most effective ways to draw down atmospheric greenhouse gases on a global scale, so as to arrest and reverse climate change?
- What are their costs?

In 2013, Paul Hawken - environmentalist, entrepreneur, author and activist – founded the Drawdown project, and 70 researchers from 22 countries came up with an inventory of solutions, after compiling literature reviews, and devising detailed climate and financial models. The seminal work is presented in “Drawdown : The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”. Altogether there are 80 solutions listed, and 20 “coming attractions”. What are the top-ranking solutions that reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases on a global scale? Come to the meeting to find out how good your guesses are. Hint: If you cannot wait, visit

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Carbon Capture And Storage - Solution To Global Climate Change?

A Presentation By Sally M. Benson

pixabay cyprus 1265892 180Today our energy generation and industrial process infrastructure are primarily fed by coal, oil and natural gas. If global climate change is caused by our combustion of these carbon based fuels, then imagine if we could just prevent the greenhouse gas CO₂ from being emitted into the atmosphere. We could preserve our massive infrastructure investment while reducing the threat of global climate change. Sally M Benson, Director of the Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) at Stanford University, is a leader in the effort to invent this technology for CO₂ capture and sequestration. How real is carbon sequestration as a solution? What technologies are most promising? What is the roadmap?  

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