Videos & Discussion On California's Sustainability And Water Challenges

Videos & Discussion

pixabay poetry 1281965 smToday (March 02, 2017) we will take a break from our formal presentations and have an informal session viewing videos and discussing California's sustainability and water challenges. With so many issues and problems begging to be solved, it is a great opportunity to communicate your solutions and begin the work to make progress in these areas. 

Join us in this session where you can make a difference!




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A Sustainable Urban Village Model

A Presentation & Lecture By Alrie Middlebrook

sust urban village model graphic 020417Please join me for a Sierra Club presentation and discussion on a Sustainable Urban Village Model; A Biomimic Design.
Alrie Middlebrook's talk is based on a biomimic design model for low income, affordable and market rate housing.  This development project is integrating a six acre working farm combined with community native gardens and other sustainable technologies which has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 86%. Our non-profit, The California Native Garden Foundation is working in collaboration with Core Companies (, the city of Santa Clara, and our local communities to develop this integrative housing model on the former BAREC site. Please come to listen and share your ideas about this innovative first of its kind REAL model of a biomimicry development design.
Where: The West Valley Library Branch
When: Wednesday February 8, 7 pm
sust urban village model sponsors 020817
About The Presenter
alrie middlebrook pic 1Alrie Middlebrook is an advocate and practitioner of the sustainable lifestyle, a landscape professional and a California native plant specialist. She is committed to educating the public and promoting sustainability through native gardening. Her many workshops and speaking engagements at diverse venues throughout the State of California have provided key forums promoting critical knowledge and understanding. Her support of community efforts to embrace sustainability has spawned recent projects like Granada Native Gardens, Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, River Street Historical Gardens and her co-founding of The California Native Garden Foundation. For more information please visit

The Everyday Conversation

A Presentation By Debra Kiefel

conversation picEGG ended 2016 on a lively note with a presentation about The Conversation our Society needs to have to promote sustainability. To continue the energetic exchange on this subject, the Jan 12, 2017, EGG presentation is going explore:

- The basics of communicating everyday opportunities to share sustainability info with others we meet in our daily travels.

- Group Interaction will round out the session.

To help you share the “golden nuggets” of sustainable wisdom you have with more people in your everyday travels, please join EGG for a dynamic presentation and audience participation.

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The Next Step

A Presentation By Debra Kiefel

next step pic 1When you are out and about in places such as restaurants, book stores, and other public places where you may see little children, do you ever wonder what their future will be like when they are older?  If you have children or grandchildren are you concerned about what life has in store for them?  Will they inherit a planet that is livable, with beautiful forests and majestic oceans?  With clean land, water, and air?  Or will they live tortured lives due to all of the accumulated pollution that has been created?  To explore this big topic, the Dec 8, 2016, presentation will include an overview of the history of human pollution which reaches back thousands of years, a brief look at human population growth, an overview of the pollution we create today, and one of the next important steps that we must all take. 

To find out what this next step is, please join us for this important EGG presentation.

Presentation Available Here

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Sustainable Self - A New Original Series By The Huffington Post

huf post sustaianble self promoThe Huffington Post has put together what should be a very informative and informative animated series that addresses who we can get get involved in making sustainable choices in our lives. The series is advertised to be ten episodes and starts on July 28, 2016.

You can view these creations by going to

Have fun and put the info to use!




Frugal Innovation: How to do More With Less

A Video by Navi Radjou

navi radjouNavi Radjou is an innovation and leadership advisor based in Silicon Valley. In this video, he discusses his new book "Frugal Innovation: How To Do More With Less," published by The Economist. The video was created in the London Google office on March 19, 2015.  A Fellow at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, he won the 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award and spoke at TED Global 2014. He is also the coauthor of the global bestsellers "Jugaad Innovation" and "From Smart To Wise". Come and learn about the principles and practice of frugal innovation, and think about its implications for sustainability.


View the Video


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