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Security Issues In The Cleantech Infrastructure

Videos and Discussion On Security Issues In The Cleantech Infrastructure

pixabay abstract 1278060 180Our energy infrastructure is gradually changing from the old system that has been in place for 50 years to a more modern efficient, interconnected, and smarter system that is needed to support our future. While this is a great and needed development, it presents opportunities for evil minded people to intrude these systems and cause harm and damage. Today we will view several videos which serve as an introduction to the topic of Cyber Security in the Cleantech Infrastructure. The video talks are presented by several experts in the field of security and provide very interesting background into the security problems we now face and will be facing as we develop our more interconnected infrastructure. We are hoping to collaborate with a company that is an expert in this field and present a more in depth look at this issues we face with Smart Cities in the near future.

Join us for this interesting video day!



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Introduction to GIS

 AlexMednick1 25 12The presentation will be a look into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We will cover various powerful tools that are used for spatial data gathering, viewing and analysis. These tools are now commonly used by utilities, cities, governmental agencies, and businesses. Application of GIS for land use planning, health, and resource usage will be investigated.



  • What is GIS?    
  • Who uses this technology?    
  • What local organizations exist to promote the expansion and usage of GIS?    
  • What are some of the GIS tools available?    
  • Examples of GIS usage.    
  • What job opportunities exist locally?

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