Natural Systems

What Is Soil And Soil Health?

A Presentation By Elizabeth Guimarin

elizabeth soil 1Soil is the foundation of civilizations. Most people don’t consider its significance as we move, build and live on top of it. Most of our food, fiber and fuel depends on it. Indeed, our psychological and physical health depends on it. Soil also has a powerful potential to provide water abundance and climate stability. We will look at what it is about Soil that makes these things possible.

-  What is a Soil?
-  What is Soil Health?
-  And why does it matter?
“The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Join us for this very interesting and "down to earth" presentation!

Soil Health for Water and Climate

A Presentation By Elizabeth Guimarin

pixabay soil 766281 1920 smIt’s time to ask ourselves, what is possible? It’s time to pull our understanding of natural living systems together and manage land for better soil health, human health, and planet health. Looking at any piece of open land from a residential yard, urban parks, farms and ranches, statewide and planet scale landscapes, its condition can be improved to cumulatively contribute to water abundance and climate stability.

> What is the small water cycle?
> What can soil as a sponge do for us?
> What is one small thing?
Learn about the power of small patterns to cycle into big impacts.

Join us for this exciting presentation!

Rain Gardens – Turn Rain Into Beauty In Your Garden

A Presentation By Shelkie Tao

Rain Garden 2 fix sm2When it rains and all the raindrops fall on our roof, have you thought about where the rainwater go to?  Well, most of it just goes down the sewer, into the creeks and rivers, and eventually out to the ocean.  In the past, stormwater was viewed as a something akin to waste; something we’d get rid of as soon as possible.  Not any more.  After the historic drought of the last 5 years, everyone realizes how valuable water – in any source or form – is.  When it comes to rainwater, in addition to rain barrels, there is another great and more direct way to capture and use it.  Better yet, it can be turned into beauty in your garden.  How? Come join the discussion and find out more.
Please join us for this interesting session!

Join The Native Neighborhoods Movement

Hosted and Presentation By CNGF / Debra Kiefel

Attend a community gathering with neighbors at a nearby residential garden and learn about the benefits of going native!
“Planting Native Gardens re-establishes lost connections between local plants, soils, and wildlife”.

Led by Alrie Middlebrook (Founder & President) and Debra Kiefel, this will be a very infiormative event and everybody is sure to leave with ideas on how we can incre3ase our native neighborhoods.

• Save Endangered Local Wildlife
• Conserve Resources
• Less Costly
• Lower Mainenance
• Produce Healthy Foods
• Reduce Climate Change

Receive a FREE Native Seedling
Join us for a midday important insite into the Native Garden Movement.
Date/Time:  Saturday July 29, 2017  -  11am to 1pm
     Alrie Middlebrook                      Debra Kiefel
alrie middlebrook pic 1                     debra kiefel pic

You Can Help Restore Santa Clara Valley (and California) Native Eco Systems

A Presentation By Debra Kiefel

pixabay urban fox 2419132 1920 smDo you ever wish you could become part of a movement to help restore eco systems right in your own back and front yards, or from your balcony if you are an apartment dweller?  Do you wish there was something more you could do to help create habitats for endangered species such as the Bay Checker Spotted Butterfly?  If you love native wild nature, love to see native birds and butterflies flying around, if you want to become part of a movement to bring back the essential native eco systems of the Santa Clara Valley and California, then come to the July 27, EGG meeting.  At this meeting, you will learn about how the native eco systems within the Santa Clara Valley can be restored one garden at a time.  You will also learn about the benefits of planting California native gardens to both native wildlife and to you.

Join us for this interesting presentation!


Read more: You Can Help Restore Santa Clara Valley (and California) Native Eco Systems

It's Spring Time - Time To Wake Up Your Garden!

A Presentation By Rod Kirk

pixabay vegetables 790022 1920 smallSpring is well under way, but with all the rain that has been coming down on us, I have been very slow to get out in the garden and get things going. It looks like the weather is settling down and it is time to start doing what it takes to get that garden going or to keep it going if you are so fortunate as to have a year round garden.
In today's session, I will share some gardening tips and do a demo or two that hopefully will provide some inspiration to get you off the couch and into the yard.
The session will be an open session and everybody is welcome to contribute with their hints, ideas, and stories related to good gardening. Please join us for interesting and timely get together!


Read more: It's Spring Time - Time To Wake Up Your Garden!

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