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Biochar Update: 55X Scale Up Without Burning Down The House!

A Presentation By Jon Saunders

biochar2Several months ago, Jon Saunders introduced us to BioChar. He brought to the meeting his own creation to create BioChar. In this meetin, Jon will update us on his attempt to improve the characteristics of the unit he built. As you can see from the picture, list latest installation is a much larger version.

Please join us for this exciting meeting where we will learn all about his latest creation!





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Ecosystem Services And Natural Capital

Discussion and Videos Hosted By Mei-Ling Shek

pixabay swamp 1017458 960 720Nature sustains us with food, water, raw materials, and medicine. But, it is easy to overlook the complex, direct, and indirect ecosystem services that are essential to us, particularly in an urban environment. Gretchen Daily, professor at Stanford University, believes that in the near future, all planning of urban development and land use needs to take into consideration the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services. As one of the world´s foremost experts on valuation of natural capital, she is convinced that the only way to create long-term welfare is to quantify the value of ecosystems. We shall view and discuss the videos “Ecosystem Services”, “Environmental Value Systems”, and “Inspiration: Why we need to put a price tag on natural capital and ecosystem services”.

Please join us for this very informative session!

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A Look At Desert Saltwater Farming

A Presentation, Discussion, and Video Viewing by Rod Kirk

pixabay drought 218901 1280The world is being challenged with trying to feed its growing population while witnessing global warming, not enough fresh water to go around, and increased desert lands. Many people are working on solutions to this problem. One promising solution that is being used around the world is desert salt water farming. Our normal fresh water crops have low tolerance to salt water and will not produce well in the presence of saline. Halophytes are one class of plants that contain edible varieties that flourish in the presence of saltwater. This is an exciting area and seems to be one method that will at least help put a dent in food shortage.

In todays session, we will go over some of the ideas and science behind saltwater farming, review some of the leading organizations and supporters of this science, and view some related videos which tell the story of the effort to turn desert lands into food bearing landscapes.

Please join us for this exciting adventure into our future!

Introduction Presentation Available Here


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The Illusion Of Stability: Coastal Engineering And False Complacence

A Presentation By Vivian Ho

Vivian Seabright jetty2 smallReal estate along the coast is no doubt desirable, but development on sandy beaches and stone cliffs is constantly threatened by wave action, winter storms, and the existence of the structures themselves. In an effort to protect our homes, businesses, public buildings, and infrastructure, people came up with many forms of coastal engineering to slow the erosion of the land. Coastal armoring seemed like it would protect manmade structures, but it is disruptive to the sediment flow of the beaches, and may even weaken the surrounding coastline or undermine the buildings it was meant to protect. How can we enjoy the bounty of the ocean without endangering human lives and property? What is the best course of action to deal with preexisting structures and armoring?
Please join us for this very interesting presentation!

Soil Carbon - Soil Health

A Presentation By Elizabeth Guimarin

elizabeth guimarin pres 1From the garden to the global landscape, improving soil health with the addition of carbon provides many benefits from carbon sequestration to water and food security.  In this presentation, Elizabeth will explore such areas as:

  • How is carbon added to soil?
  • What might our future look like with the move toward healthy soils?
  • Who is in this growing network?
  • Where are opportunities?

Learn how soil carbon can help keep more water in the land, produce better crop yields, increase profits for land managers, and mitigate climate change. Please join us for this exciting EGG presentation!

Access The Presentation Here

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Biochar: Utility, Scale, Economy

A Presentation By Jon Saunders

flame saunders 1Charcoal, intended for use in agriculture as a way of sequestering carbon and improving soil fertility, has been gaining in popularity. We will look at it properties and production then survey its use in soil and finally, address some outstanding questions regarding its economic viability and scalability.

Please join us for this informative talk and discussion.




Presentation Available Here

Read more: Biochar: Utility, Scale, Economy

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