The Merry Connection

A Presentation & Strategizing Session By Beverly Turner

pixabay traffic 843309 1920 smYou probably have become intimately aware of just how bad travelling around Santa Clara County and adjacent vicinities has become. We keep hearing of work being done to improve the situation. We sure haven't seen many improvements. What can we do? Well, if you attend our July 13, 2017 EGG meeting, that is just the thing we are going to address. this will be a great opportunity to voice your opinion and help draft some initiatives which we hope to present to various agencies such as VTA to help move things along.

Join us and be part of the solution!


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Idle Threat: A look At One Man’s Struggle To Improve Public Health

A Presentation By Tony Green

city 1265055 1280Idling engines consume more than 6 billion gallons of gasoline annually in the U.S., a significant but little-known contributor to local air pollution, respiratory disease and global climate change. Idle Threat is a lively look at one man’s spirited struggle to improve public health by raising awareness about idling’s impact, starting in New York City. Against all odds, he succeeds, helping improve local air quality, and in the process, gains world-wide recognition for the anti-idling cause, with articles featured in the Wall Street Journal, New Yorker magazine, and the Financial Times. A thirty-seven minute version on the documentary will be viewed which will be followed by an open discussion.

Come join us for this special meeting!

Download Presentation Info File #1 Here

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Magnetic Levitation

A Presentation By Mark Hoff

pixabay monorail 337457 1920 smallMagnetic Levitation concepts are in common use today. Todays presentation will cover the following areas:

-  What is Magnetic Levitation (Mag Lev)?
-  The Math Involved or "Theorem, Theorem, Who's Got The Theorem"
-  Magnetic Levitation: Two Short Tutorials
-  Mag Lev Trains
-  The Future of Magnetic Levitation
-  Discussion

We will view several videos and a lot of information will be provided to quench your thirst for Magnetic Levitation.
Please join us for this interesting and informative presentation!  

Download The Presentation Here


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Hyperloop: The Reality

A Presentation By Mark Hoff

Hyperloop two merged smallHyperloop is a new high speed form of travel and transport referred to as The Fifth Mode of Transportation. This presentation will provide an overview of the technology. We will watch some videos to get a better idea of what Hyperloop is and how it is being developed. We will highlight who will be the first to implement a significant Hyperloop longer than 50 miles, and watch their new two minute infomercial. Discussion will follow the videos.
Please join us for this interesting presentation!

PodCars - A Revolution In Transportation

A Presentation By Mark Hoff

pixabay underground 1081975 1280 smallerA revolution in transportation is happening. Podcars will run 100% on solar power using only the width of the right-of-way. Energy efficient, lightweight and fast, you speed on when others pull off, nonstop to your destination. In this installment, I will present a brief overview of the topic, show two YouTube videos describing Podcars, use the Chrome web browser to explore three relevant web sites, and finish up with some question and answer time at the end.

Please join us for this interesting look into an up and coming new transportation mode! 



View The Presentation Here


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