The California Water Fix And Delta Tunnels - What Do Californians Want?

A Presentation By Rod Kirk

rtd pic3The status of the Bay Delta Tunnels seems to be constantly in a state of flux due to the many circumstances tugging at it. This week it is a critical situation at the Oroville Dam which just might put the Delta Tunnels at a very low priority. In recent weeks it was the possibility of little Federal assistance based on the unfriendliness of the current administration. Plus, there have been a number of unethical actions by the involved southern valley water districts. So what does all this mean? In the February 23, 2017 presentation you will learn some of the history of the California Water Infrastructure and the history behind the Water Fix and the Delta Tunnels project. We we wook at various events that have led up to where we are at now. I will go over the pros and cons, the opponents and proponents, and alternative plans.

Please join us for this informative and interesting session.


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Closing The Knowledge Gap Of Building A Water Efficient Garden

A Presentation By Shelkie Tao


Many people understand the importance of conserving water and converting their lawns to water efficient gardens, but often balk at the perceived complexity, cost, and time commitments of such conversion.  There is a "knowledge gap" here - how to put in that great landscape after the turf is removed.   This presentation will illustrate, with two actual projects, that building a water efficient garden can be easy, quick, and cost-effective.  When more and more conversions are done like this, the knowledge gap might be gradually closed, and more water efficient gardens will be built.

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Please join us for this very interesting presentation.

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Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan & CA Water Fix Discussion

A Discussion Hosted By Mei-Ling Shek

10461510953 7644dcb6d9 bThe SF Bay Delta is at the crossroads of either being destroyed or being saved. The water management plans being considered will determine the future health of this important geographic resource. The health of the community, the ecology, the wildlife, and water quality hinge on the upcoming decisions. In todays session we will explore just what the delta is, what factors affect it, why it is so important, what is the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, and what we, as stewards of the land, should do to make sure the SF Bay delta is properly maintained. 

Join us for this important discussion!

Download The Presentation Here


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Making Water Visible

A Presentation By Shahram Javey

 badger meter logo 1Shahrams presentation will focus on how feedback and social norms are enabling water users to find and fix leaks and become water use efficient.



Please join us for this interesting EGG session.


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Why The Time Is Now To Get Over The “Yuck Factor”

A Presentation By Tony Green

pixabay water 158956 3Reused water is currently used for irrigation, non-potable applications, replenishing aquifers, just to name a few. However, there has been a firm resistance to providing drinking water to the public from water reused from non-potable applications. The issue is not with the technologies but with the perception of "Toilet-to-Tap” water by the public. In some places, reduced water availability in tandem with an increase in population may require a fundamental shift in thinking if we want to ensure everyone’s' drinking water requirements will be met in the future. I will cover questions such as:

- Learn where recycled water is using used for meeting     
  drinking water requirements. 
- Learn why we all have been drinking recycled water for 
  millions of years. 
 - Learn why people have been taught to fear drinking 
   recycled water. 
- Learn why the water resources of today might not be 
  enough to meet the needs of tomorrow. 
Come join us for this special EcoGreen Group meeting!  

Water Saver Product Now Available At Home Depot

water saver 3When watering plants, the water can often flow away from the plant before the roots can absorb the water. Overwatering of the plant can then occur, increasing water consumption over extgended periods of time. Some locations in the world are highly susceptible to drought conditions and overusing water can be problematic. It can often take a considerable amount of time to water plants, especially if too much water flows away from the plant and more water is needed to complete the watering.

Home Depot, Lowe's, and Orchard Supply sell millions of plant and trees each year. People plant these trees and plants in the yards and water them by using garden hoses. The Water Saver for Green products can be used with each planted tree or plant and can save a tremendous amount of water for the home owner.

This Product Now Available at Home Depot!

Follow the link below to find the product on the Home Depot online shopping space.


How This Product Will Win Customers
Water Saver for Green is a water containment device that helps hold water underneath plants, ensuring that the plant is properly maintained and healthy over long periods of time. The device helps prevent water from running away from the plant before the plant has had the chance to absorb nutrients.

We have the best people and leaders of their domain on our team. We already have a patent for the device and a sales & marketing team that has started companies in the past resulting in great successes.

Please support us on Kickstarter. For each $1,000 or more invested, we are offering twice the return in 6 months. Search "Water Saver for Green" on Kickstarter! The Water Saver, Inc. Kickstarter program can be accessed at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1414185498/water-saver-for-green. 

Visit us at http://www.watersaver.com or http://www.greenwateringsystem.com.



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