water saver 3When watering plants, the water can often flow away from the plant before the roots can absorb the water. Overwatering of the plant can then occur, increasing water consumption over extgended periods of time. Some locations in the world are highly susceptible to drought conditions and overusing water can be problematic. It can often take a considerable amount of time to water plants, especially if too much water flows away from the plant and more water is needed to complete the watering.

Home Depot, Lowe's, and Orchard Supplysell millions of plant and trees each year. People plant these trees and plants in the yards and water them by using garden hoses. The Water Saver for Green product can be used with each of planted tree or plant and can save a tremendous amount of water for the home owner.

How This Product Will Win Customers

Water Saver for Green is a water containment device that helps hold water underneath plantgs, ensuring that the plant is properly maintained and healthy over long periods of time. The device helps prevent water from running away from the plant before the plant has had the chance to absorb nutrients.

The Kickstarter Program

The Water Saver, Inc. Kickstarter program can be accessed at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1414185498/water-saver-for-green.

This is the right time to get equity in our company. We are looking to raise $35,000 and we are offering 10% equity in our company. The return on investment could be 10 times in one year.

We have the best people and leader of their domain on our team. We already have a patent for the device and a sales & marketing team that has started companies in the past resulting in great successes.

Please support us on Kickstarter. For each $1,000 or more invested, we are offering twice the return in 6 months. Search "Water Saver for Green" on Kickstarter!

Visit us at www.watersaverinc.com.

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