What Might Be In Your Drinking Water May Surprise You

A Presentation By Tony Green

dreamstimefree 140915GlassofWater smallerThe poisoning of the drinking water in Flint, Michigan has created headlines nationally. Lead has been known to cause bodily damage when ingested, especially in children. But what is not known are other possible contaminants in your drinking water which not being reported in the news but should be on your radar. Hear about what man-made chemicals may be lurking in your drinking water, how they were introduced into the drinking water supply and what you can do to protect yourself. I will cover questions such as:




  • Learn what potable drinking water is tested for before you can drink.
  • How the agriculture industry shapes what might be in the water.
  • Why Waste Water Treatment Plants are not ready to handle what might be in our
  • How our behaviors can alter what winds up in our drinking water.
  • Why incidents like Flint, Michigan will not be a one-time occurrence.

Come join us for this special EcoGreen Group meeting!

Download the Presentation Here

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The California Delta Needs You!

A viewing of the video "Over Troubled Waters" and discussion led by Rod Kirk.

delta 2 picWe are at the crossroads of something very good happening or something very bad happening. There is a pending plan to embark upon the construction of a set of tunnels to convey water through the Delta to Southern California. Right now various county agencies throughout California are busy analyzing and gathering input and data in order to make a decision to get on board and if this is going to help with our water issues or cause even more problems. The Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) has been holding meetings in which supporters and non supporters of the plan have provided input. There are two ideas being talked about. One is called the California Water Fix and the other is referred to as California Eco Restore. They address different facits of the overall plan. SCVWD will later this year be making a decision whether to sign up for the plan and getting water from it or to not sign up and put restore the delta logo 1efforts into other water related efforts to deal with our water problems. This a critical time. Every Bay Area water user needs to become educated on the details of the plan, the various reports and information being circulated, and listen to the speakers who are providing input. One of the key opponents to the plan is the Restore The Delta organization.

In this special EGG meeting, we will watch a video called "Over Troubled Waters" which was produced by the Restore The Delta organization. We will then spend some time discussing what we have learned. Come join us for an informative session.

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Water Efficient Gardens - Conserving Water Beautifully

A Presentation by Shelkie Tao

shelkie tao garden smallerMore than 50% of residential water usage is consumed outdoors.  To achieve the 25% water reduction target mandated by Governor Jerry Brown and 30% by Santa Clara Valley Water District, letting the green go brown is one of the quickest ways to do so. However, the new yard does not need to be brown; a garden full of water efficient plants can be as beautiful and enjoyable as a green lawn.

Come to this week’s meeting to hear about the current status of the drought, the value of a water efficient garden, rebate programs for converting a lawn to a garden, and see photos of some beautiful water efficient gardens from around the SF Bay Area.

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Water & Energy - Forever Intertwined

tony green pic 2There is a close connection, or nexus, between energy and water. It takes a significant amount of water to create energy. Energy is also used in great quantities during the supply and treatment of waste water. For the year 2011 in the United States electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear energy required 190 billion gallons of water a day accounting for 39% of all the freshwater withdrawals while 4% off all power generation was used for water supply and treatment. Water and energy problems are connected to each other in such a way that, in spite of some partial and short-term success, partial responses are bound to fail in the long-term.

Water and energy policy, planning and management must be integrated to encourage conservation, motivate innovation and ensure sustainable use of water and energy. Hear about how interconnection of water and energy and how these two resources will be intertwined forever. I will cover questions such as:

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Industrial Fog Water Harvesting

tatiana linked in picOur November 19th meeting will provide insight into an industrialized methodology and technology for passive catchment and storage of fog as a new water source for residential and industrial use. As rain water is considered vertical precipitation harvesting, fog water is considered horizontal precipitation harvesting and can collect up to three times more water than rain without disrupting other ecosystems in areas where the requirements for fog water harvesting are met. Tatiana Estevez Carlucci will take us on a journey to explore a fascinating new technology which is being realized through her company, Permalution. Join us for this exciting look at a technology that can provide a new water source and help address some drought issues.


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Water Use in Architecture and Community Development

rinaldo vesileza pictureClean, fresh water is an essential resource that has been dwindling at an alarming rate over the past few years. The importance of conserving and recycling water will be the topic for this event. In particular, examples of sound practices in architecural design will be described that have implications on Silicon Valley and all of California in this severe "drought state" and state of mind. Please come join us for Rinaldo Veseliza's fascinating talk with real world examples of what cities and businesses can do and are doing with proper planning, design, and communication.

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