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  • Drawdown

    Drawdown All good things begin with a good plan. How about a plan to reduce the greenhouse gases and fight global warming? Yes! There is a plan. Come to our November 16, 2017 EGG meeting and you will learn all about it. The plan we will be talking about originated from the thinking of Paul Hawkin, environmentalist. WE will watch some interesting videos and have some discussion and maybe take some steps along that plan! Join us for a good time! Read More
  • Conflict Minerals & Us

    Conflict Minerals & Us Have you ever thought about how many parts there are in any of the consumer appliances we use? Take it one step further. Have you thought about the source of all the raw materials that are in those cell phones and monitors you use? The situation is not so pretty. In our November 09, 2017 EGG meeting, we will learn about areas in the world where human life and health are being impacted by the extraction of minerals and materials used in the production of the gizmos and widgets that are used by everybody. Mei-Ling Shek will provide us some info and show us some videos which reveals the nature of this problem. Join us and become educated in this important issue. Read More
  • Soil Health for Water and Climate

    Soil Health for Water and Climate Soil; this is the good stuff that our kids play in and track into the house. it might look plain and simple, but there are many important properties of it that can have affecst on our natural living systems. We are kicking off our November EGG meetings with a presentation by Elizabeth Guimarin which will enlighten us with the many things about soil which can have wonderful impacts on our Earth. Join us on November 02, 2017 and become enlightened on soil! Read More
  • Sugar & Us

    Sugar & Us It is almost Christmas holiday time. You know what that means for many people; sweets, more sweets, and then some more sweets. A lot of sugaree delights tempt us during the holiday season. We know that they are playing havoc with our bodies but yet we still indulge. At our October 26, 2017 EGG meeting, Mei-Ling Shek will dive into this topic. She will show some videos and we will partake in a discussion and see where it takes us. There is a lot of scientific information and interesting details that she will be sharing with us. Join us for this interesting and sweet session! Read More
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