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  • Mid-October 2017 "Free For All"

    Mid-October 2017 We usually dedicate one meeting in every month to explore topics, have discussions, share interesting videos, and engage in good conversation. Our October 19, 2017 meeting will be one of those meeting. We will be viewing a Frontline EPA program as well as highlighting the latest Delta Tunnels status. Join us in our session and contribute your thoughts to helping us attain a smaller carbon footprint! Read More
  • Rain Gardens – Turn Rain Into Beauty In Your Garden

    Rain Gardens – Turn Rain Into Beauty In Your Garden Our rainy season will be here vey soon. Have you given any thought to how you might capture some of this critical resource that we seem to be increasingly short on? How about using it to enhance both the health and curb appeal of your garden? In our October 12, 2017 EGG meeting, Shelkie Tao will go over many details of taking advantage of our winter rains to bring more beauty to your garden. So jump out of bed, grab some breakfast, and join us in Saratoga for this interesting session with Shelkie! Read More
  • Wave Hello To Energy!

    Wave Hello To Energy! Is there value in using mechanisms along our seashore to extract energy? Are they going to interfere too much with the natural balance in the sea and aesthetic appeal of the seascape? Join us on October 05, 2017 and we will take a look at the pros and cons of using Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) to satisfy our demand of energy. We will investigate wave basics as well as the different types of Wave Energy Conversion mechanisms and what new designs are being developed. Join us for this interesting session! Read More
  • Equifax Security Breach Aftermath: Rescuing Your Green

    Equifax Security Breach Aftermath: Rescuing Your Green It has been a painful two weeks since we were notified of the massive Equifax Data Breach. As I am doing, you are probably scampering around trying to secure and put safeguards in place to deal with this terrible breach. We thought it would be a good idea to pause our green thoughts for a moment and take a close look at what happened and what we should be doing to protect ourselves. Join us on September 28, 2017, at our next EGG meeting, for an important presentation by Mark Hoff to investigate and discuss where we go from here. Read More
  • Check out our stories, announcements, special reports, and ads on the right side of our home page! -> -> ->

    Check out our stories, announcements, special reports, and ads on the right side of our home page! -> -> ->
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